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To create or upload a Legal Notice for delivery, we need some information from you.

1. The Recipients Details – this is the person you are sending the document to.

2. The Legal Notice Details – This is the details of who should receive the Proof of Delivery and the delivery options.

3. The Sender/Invoice Details – This is the details of who we must invoice and contact for the delivery.

4. Agree to our standard terms and conditions.

Finally submit for payment and delivery.

  • Recipient details
  • Legal notice details
  • Sender/Invoice details
  • Terms and Conditions

Recipient details

The recipient is the person you are sending the document to.

Legal notice details

Write a Legal Notice
Upload a Legal Notice - (PDF format)
Standard 3 Day Delivery: R99 + R5 per additional page.
Urgent Next Day Delivery: R180 + R5 per additional page.

Sender/Invoice details

Terms and Conditions for Delivery Submission:

  • Please ensure you have read our website terms and conditions.
  • Whilst we endeavor to cover all areas within South Africa with our hand-delivery option, if your delivery is for an area where we do not have a messenger, we will then verify that the recipients address exists before submitting via the Post Office Fastmail service. You will still receive proof of sending via your email address.
  • Whilst we endeavor to deliver within the time frames stipulated, occasionally delivery may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, for example, riots in the area.
  • Legal Dispatch (Pty) Ltd cannot be held responsible for incorrect information supplied by you.
  • Legal Dispatch (Pty) Ltd will geocode all addresses submitted to ensure our messengers deliver to the correct location. If an address does not exist or is incomplete, you will still receive a Proof of Delivery with the appropriate reason. The Proof of Sending can still be used to prove your attempt to send a Legal Notice. Full price still applies.
  • Legal Dispatch (Pty) Ltd are unable to make any changes to documents or recipients information once a delivery is submitted.
  • Cancellations must be made in writing to Refunds will only be considered if the delivery has not already been assigned and printed by a messenger.
  • All Hand-to-door deliveries are done to the domicile address given. If the recipient is not home, the signature of an adult at the premises will be obtained. If nobody is home, the delivery is done to the premises mailbox or gate and photo evidence is taken.